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Students progress

When is the best time to start learning a music instrument? What is an ideal age to begin? Children are ready when they are able to follow instructions. Some are ready at a very early age, such as four and even before that, but should be supervised every day. In all cases, parental involvement is very important. By attending lessons with their children, parents can help guide them at home. This idea is not new. However, my students often become more independent as the level of their own playing advances. Students are more successful when they take the whole process of studying a musical instrument as seriously as their academic subjects. Fittingly, students learning a musical instrument do better academically.

Here are some of the principles I teach

  1. All students are unique individuals who require a sensitive approach from the teacher.
  2. Rapid progress depends on the role of teacher, students and parents.
  3. Proper postures and habits, especially intonation, must always be checked.
  4. Students read notes in the early stages of learning.
  5. Practicing scales, technical exercises and etudes is imperative.
  6. Talent can be developed only through consistent practice

Playing the violin or viola is beneficial for all students regardless of the speed of their progress. Because, at the same time students also learn concentration, they develop their own creativity and analytical thinking, and, thereby, build self-esteem.


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