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To help students develop a strong foundation of technical and musical skill through the study of a progressive plan of scales, etudes and classical pieces as outlined in my Violin/Viola Method.

Learning to play the violin or viola is an excellent way to discover the excitement and beauty of music. Much has been written about the principles of learning to play the violin or viola as it relates to making the process efficient and also pleasant. I teach my Violin and Viola Method (see Publications) to be suitable even for children of a very young age. In my method, I stress the knowledge of reading music. Instead of just copying music already known by rote, students develop an ability to sight-read and to play-in-groups. This knowledge gives them the opportunity to play chamber and symphonic literature and even to select music for themselves.

Children are able to learn very quickly. However, they have to be led in the right direction and that is what I emphasize in my Studio: To give my students the best possible music education based on my many years of experience in musical performance and pedagogy.

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